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Wednesday July 27, 2016


Member since: August 15, 2006
Last visit: January 22, 2012
Name: M
Gender: Female
Location: where the streets have no name
Country: Philippines
Fav. Song: Don't Lie
Fav. Video: Like That
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The Black Eyed Peas party on in Manila

category: Music | October 31 | @105 | comments comments(3)

Over the last few weeks, I’ve sat in my computer watching Black Eyed Peas live performances that were streamed online. It was fun, but it was like watching a concert from the International Space Station. Tuesday night, October 25, after five long years of waiting and about an hour or so of having to see little-known front acts that featured at least one clone in each of them, the Black Eyed Peas are finally back. In their “We’re so 3008!” space suits. The crowd, estimated at more than 50,000, didn’t take long to get into the club groove when the Peas launched with “Rock that Body.” Just outside the venue, there was a warning that the concert will be using strobe lights,...

Signs you're addicted to
category: Anything
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added on: 03/14 @545


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Latest Member Comments

11/01/11 @504
hi! :)
08/17/11 @244
hello :)
12/03/10 @508
yes, is very frustraiting and make me angry lol i suggest to Arno make some captcha to post any coment/post and to make accounts... i did it when spamm start, few months ago...
I don't know why and how one day to other, this site got full of spam... because i've never see something like this... before, spam was few ppl of this site, posting threads or asking for comments or votes... but now.. it's incredible!! I block every single ip of every single spammer and they are here everyday!!!
I came home early on the morning (i work night turn now, so, i spleep when the sun is shinny lol ) and the first thing i do is turn on my comp, get in and start bloking spammers... i can be here like and hour and when i guess i finished... they post more comments again!!! lol is really frustrating!

Well, besides spamm... how are you??
12/02/10 @736
yes i know... i'm doing my besto to fight them...
10/10/10 @001
wont happen again for a longggggg time.
09/12/10 @864
lmao, the song is "Let's Get Started"! :p


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